The Sirena company has resumed conducting face-to-face seminars for agents in Russian cities, dedicated to the issues of air transportation and additional services using Sirena-Travel solutions.
 On May 26, we gathered agents in Ufa, and on May 27, a seminar was held in Chelyabinsk.

Together with us, the events were attended by the insurance company IBG, airlines "North Wind" and Red Wings, as well as the Transport Clearing House.
 The main topics of the seminars were the current news of airlines, their new flight programs, acquaintance with tariff groups, additional services and services. The speakers paid great attention to the analytics of passenger traffic, new industry trends, focus on regions and forecasts for 2021-2022.
 Within the framework of the seminar, the pressing issues on the sale of additional services in "Sirena-Travel" GDS, railway transportation were discussed, as well as the issuing of air transportation at branded rates. Many specific questions were asked to the speakers regarding the execution of secondary operations and work with the graphic terminal of the GDS “Prosto!”. The presentation of the IBG insurance company aroused great interest.
 All listeners noted the large volume and relevance of the information presented at the seminar, its importance in the development of their professionalism. The participants expressed their hope for further similar seminars in their hospitable regions.
 A pleasant surprise for the participants of the seminar in the South Urals was the drawing of gift certificates for two people Round Trip for any flight from Chelyabinsk from Red Wings.