Messaging solution

Messaging solution provides customer with information about significant changes occurred in the airline's inventory system: flight cancelation, flight delay, flight number change, rerouting (departure / arrival), etc. Depending on contacts left by customers messaging solution offers real-time text transmission via sms or by email.


Messaging system is the part of PSS Leonardo responsible for passenger SMS and e-mail notifications about booked flights’ operation changes events.

There are 4 different events impacted by the messaging system:
  • Flight cancel
  • Change of departure date / time / airport
  • Change of service class
  • Re-accommodation

The main components of messaging system is:
  • Events generation unit responsible for creating of events related messages after change of flights status in CRS Leonardo
  • Messages sending unit responsible for physical delivery of previously created message by specified channel(s) (SMS and/or e-mail) with fixing status of the delivery
  • Messaging Control Interface – WEB-application providing user interface for delivery statuses report, monthly messaging statistic and messaging control by flights.

Airlines have ability to flexible tune messages templates for each event.
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