Inventory & Schedules
Leonardo Inventory solutions provide airlines with the next generation inventory and schedule management technology which ensures tight implementation deadline, quick time to market in all sales channels, optimization of airline revenues. Leonardo PSS is the universal IT platform for all types of carriers: full service, regional, low-cost and charter.
Revenue Integrity
Revenue Integrity solution enables airlines to monitor and control bookings in terms of revenue leakage. The main purpose of this system is to control "non-revenue” bookings that have a negative impact on flight profitability.
Reservation System
Reservation solution enables airlines to maximize bookings and optimize revenue through all distribution channels by providing easy tools to make reservation with ancillary services.
Ticketing solutions provide airlines with ticketing management functions including setting and control paper, electronic ticket output along with issuing of EMD for ancillary services sales and update.
Statistics and analyitics
Statistics solution provides airlines and travel agencies with statistics data about reservations and sales made through GDS Sirena-Travel. RET file format producing by Sirena-Travel completely meets the standards of IATA/BSP/ARC/TCH and reflects all necessary sales information. Sirena-Travel delivers required data to form HOT files used by IATA and TCH for the further processing.
Fares and Pricing
Fares&Pricing solutions are designed in accordance with IATA/ATPCO industry standards and offer airlines flexible choice of using Internal Fare database, ATPCO and SITA database.


Astra DCS solution enables airlines to automate airport processes of departure control, passengers check-in (including web check-In & self check-In) and post-departure supervision.
Messaging solution
Messaging solution provides customer with information about significant changes occurred in the airline's inventory system: flight cancelation, flight delay, flight number change, rerouting (departure / arrival), etc. Depending on contacts left by customers messaging solution offers real-time text transmission via sms or by email.
My Charter
MyCharter provides airlines and travel agencies with integrated B2B solutions which allow to get E-Ticketing done for all passengers of the flight instantly. Graphical user interface (GUI) ensures travel agents to make reservation and issue ET with no any professional knowledge of a reservation system. This solution are fully customizable tool which available with multi-language friendly interface and complies with B2B airlines requirements.
Payment solution
Leonardo Payment is a payment gateway, which ensures processing and verification payment transactions through secure Internet connections. The payment gateway allows airline to accept credit cards of different payment providers (VISA, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, JCB) and other forms of electronic payment. The payment can be made through web-site, banking terminal and self-service kiosk. Leonardo Payment is PCI DSS certified system based on 3D secure protocol, which ensures efficient fraud monitoring.
Standard reference

Standart reference database

Standard reference Database is a specific set of data holding structured information and using across the whole system or particular applications and processes. Our system provides support of common reference database used by and across the whole system and airline’s database developed and used by airline itself for its specific needs.
Oxygen E-commerce solution gives airlines capability to manage and increase online sales through configurable web booking engine, search tools and mobile applications by providing air tickets and ancillary services sales, check-in services, issuing of award tickets, ET/EMD and boarding passes, ensuring automated reissue/refund.
Revenue Management System solution allows airlines to maximize sales and optimize revenue by using up-to-date flexible management techniques. Our RMS solutions allows to maximize flight sales by calculation of optimal protection levels, possibilityto set airline’s own sales scenarios and optimal segment capacity allocation on multiple-segments flights.
Weight & balance

W&B Calculation Module:

Our Weight & Balance solution is a powerful, yet simple-to-use tool with graphical interface load planning. Designed to load the aircraft more efficient, simplified calculations of the operator, ensuring easy integration into existing IT systems.
The CRM system will allow to form the passenger's profile, to accumulate story of relationship of the passenger both with airlines and with the agencies. To apply personal data of a profile at service of the passenger. To use data of CRM at the moment of forming the personalized offer.

The CRM system has huge potential of management of loyalty of airline to the passenger, and an opportunity to collect information on his social status, preferences in food and drinks during flight, a favourite seat on a aircraft, hobbies, participation in stocks of airline and the accumulated scores, to monitoring of requests and receiving feedback from the passenger.

Customer Relationship Management System analyzes not only passenger, client information, but also all transactions from the adjacent PSS systems.
Web services gateway
Web Services Gateway provides airlines and travel agencies with XML- Gate and XML-protocol to develop their own unique web-engine to arrange online sales services based on Sirena-Travel GDS content.
Loyalty solution provides airlines with loyalty management functions to attract new customers, to increase loyalty of existing customers and as a result to gain additional revenue.
Agency Management
Agency Management System is designed to provide IT support for services delivered by travel agencies and their network to customers through GDS Sirena-Travel including resource management and access management of sub-agents and corporate clients based on advance-fee loan scheme.
Security level access
Thanks to Security Level Access the whole system and its database are protected from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users through the selective restriction of access to particular system’s components. The security system grants access by association of user’s account with the resources that the user is allowed to access, based on system’s authorization policy.
Crew Management
Crew Management System enables airlines to better manage the crew, control operating costs and to support crew planning, operations and services.
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