Reservation system

Reservation solution enables airlines to maximize bookings and optimize revenue through all distribution channels by providing easy tools to make reservation with ancillary services.


The LEONARDO Reservation module has been designed having in accordance with the effective IATA standards. All messaging is executed using IATA AIRIMP and EDIFACT standards. The system operates with standard segment status codes, e-ticketing, special service handling and OSI remarks. Dynamic connection and married segment logic is automatically applied in LEONARDO Reservation. Passive and open return segments are also supported.

Reservations include standard segment information for an unlimited number of segments, passenger elements and unlimited address/contact information. Group Bookings can be created and maintained in LEONARDO Reservation.

Features + Functionality:
  • Search for travel components (flight) and fare availability according to multiple search criteria.
  • Display travel components (flight) and fare results, including real-time pricing and availability.
  • Interactive calendar.
  • Graphical display of price by passenger type, fees and taxes, multiple currencies, fare rules, manifest and SSR availability. Multiple-airport cities (MAC) functionality Book, change and cancel reservations.
  • Trip types include one-way, round-trip and open jaw travel components.
  • Travel components may be multi-leg, multi-segment.
  • Configurable day-of-travel booking.
  • Search Again feature to retain previous query settings.
  • Book, change, divide, and cancel reservations.
  • Book unlimited number of passengers per PNR as defined by role.
  • Reserve unlimited number of travel Segments per passenger, per PNR.
  • Book multiple flight connections.
  • Book non-revenue and revenue standby passengers.
  • Assign multiple Special Service Request (SSR) codes to individual passengers based on availability.
  • Add individual passenger identification documents.
  • Automated Cancellation for Time Limit exceeding, Duplicate PNRs, Fictitious Names, MCT Violation, Duplicate Tickets, Fictitious Tickets.
  • Optional seat map display showing actual seat availability.
  • Optional pre-assigned seating.
  • Associate seat fees with pre-assigned seats.
  • Store multiple addresses and phone numbers on a single booking.
  • Auto-populate name and address from stored phone numbers.
  • Carrier defined mandatory comments.
  • Ability to create Agent and carrier defined Freeform, Manifest, and Itinerary comments.
  • Display of real-time travel status information (e.g. FLIFO).
  • Move passengers to new travel components.
  • Apply promotion codes to bookings.
  • Use vouchers as payment on bookings.
  • Apply discount codes for selected passenger(s) on a booking.
  • Apply penalty fees at the PNR and passenger level.
  • Auto-assign seats at the passenger and booking level, with Intelligent Seating for optimal seat selection.
  • Quick search options to retrieve PNRs.
  • View available and expired fares within a date range.
  • Direct refunds to spoilage fees so they are not refunded to passengers.
  • Place traffic restrictions on flight routes according to IATA standards.
  • Support for Change of Gauge on equipment (aircraft).

  • LEONARDO Reservations fully supports all standard passenger types (adult, child, infant) and any additional custom types that may be required. New passenger type codes can be defined.
  • In LEONARDO Reservations PNRs can be searched based on PNR/GDS record locator, passenger last, first or partial name, phone number, e-mail address, e-ticket number, origin and/or destination, flight date (range), carrier code, flight number, booking date (range) or agency. All of the search parameters can be used in combination with each other.
  • In LEONARDO Reservations a complete and detailed history with full audit trail is available for each reservation. Each action taken is user and time stamped and the history can be printed. We also provide full history of all PNR related teletype messages.
  • Built-in Revenue Integrity tool enables Airline to perform real-time reviews of PNRs as they are booked so that bad bookings can be identified quickly and returned to inventory for re-sale to other customers (TTL check, Duplicate PNRs, Fictitious Names, Waitlist Segment Cancellation, MCT Violation, Duplicate Tickets, Fictitious Tickets).
  • In LEONARDO Reservations change, name change and cancellation fees are automatically calculated based on user actions. The user can split the PNR to modify or cancel one or several passengers that can be selected when the PNR is split. LEONARDO Reservation’s split processing also incorporates the re-allocation of payments and ability to refund payments over split bookings.
  • LEONARDO Reservations can support credit and debit cards, agency credit accounts, invoices, states order forms, MPDs or MCOs, vouchers and online/offline bank transfers. The system maintenance module allows a user to define which payment methods should be available for various distribution channels and to set other business rules such as refundability.
  • In LEONARDO Reservations a counter sales report is available for each user and for the point of sale or agency based on security privileges. The daily counter sales report displays all transactions for the day with the ability to filter by sales currency, user, sales date, origin/destination and flight number.
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